About Us

SREE ANANDA SAI CHARITABLE TRUST (R) is a beacon light guiding and helping people. Its message of love and kindness kindles hope in the desperate minds of the poor patients, bed-ridden and ailing in the surrounding Villages. SREE ANANDA SAI CHARITABLE TRUST (R) has been emitting its light and helping the needy patients since its inception in 2003.

When the most unfortunate ones stand stunned at severe strokes of fate that leave them helpless with no food and shelter, the Trust lends them helping hands by finding them some sort of solace in the form of new shelter and livelihood. The trust helps the sad preys of chronic illness and accidents, who have no one to look them after, by shouldering the responsibility of taking them to hospitals and arranging all sorts of medical help. Its selfless service has won plaudit from all kinds of people in the community.

We have been able to do meritorious service in this area during its short tenure. The affection, compassion and help accorded by generous fellow beings made this possible. This is purely a non profitable organization .So join hands with our organization, Always keep in mind the fact that your small, kind gesture will help us in our efforts to alleviate the pain of one of our brethren.